• NextGen Alpha AI Event Series

    NextGen Alpha is the initiator and organizer of the NextGen AI event series which delivers the most comprehensive line-up of managers offering investible AI products alongside market participants who contribute to the growth of the AI fund universe. Presentations involving practical AI implementation experiences offered by these AI innovators of the investment management industry give professional investors a closer look at the exciting advancements of the universe of AI-based investment products and services.

  • NextGen AI Multi-Manager Index

    The NextGen AI multi-manager index leverages NextGen Alpha’s deep knowledge concerning the developments, trends and growth of the AI-based fund universe derived from its ongoing AI-based fund research from 2016. Index constituents comprised of a diversified range of liquid AI-based fund products are sourced from the universe of AI funds tracked by NextGen Alpha and are considered to be qualified in accordance with the NextGen AI fund definition published in 2019.

  • NextGen AI Multi-Manager Fund

    The NextGen AI index will be used to launch an investible multi-manager fund that replicates the index, offering investors a cost effective, liquid, ease of access and entry to the universe of AI-based fund products. Index constituents will also be used to offer bespoke customized portfolio solutions.

  • NextGen AI Research Initiative

    Recently formed working group comprised of members who bring practical AI implementation experience in relation to the investment management industry. The collective effort aims to advance the application of AI to the investment management industry. The mission is to be recognized as the leading AI research initiative for the investment management industry.

  • To be announced

  • To be announced